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On The Go Diaper Changing Station Pattern!

On The Go Diaper Changing Station Pattern

Get the pattern to make this ingenious round diaper changing pad - you'll be glad you did!  The round style makes it easy to use on any surface such as a chair, low table or floor, or to use as a clean cover for public diaper changing areas.  The inventive design includes eight pockets around the outer edges to carry all the necessary diapering supplies like ointment, wipes, powder, extra diapers and more! Just fold and go! 

You'll love the design so much that you'll want to make more than one.  Guys love it too - make one in faux leather or denim for the man in your life and he'll never complain about having to carry a "diaper bag"!

Sews up quickly with illustrated step-by-step instructions and is almost as much fun to make as it is to carry!

On the Go Diaper Changing Station Pattern

Download your "On The Go Diaper Changing Station" Pattern for only $5.95

Or, if you prefer, a print version including full size pattern pieces for the "On The Go Diaper Changing Station" is also available for $11.95 plus shipping


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